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Dental Plans

Children's Dental Plans

Why do we need a preventative programme?
At A Smile For Life we believe that establishing good oral health habits should begin as young as possible. Oral disease is generally preventable and we would like to offer you and your children the best possible advice right from the start. We can provide help with teeth cleaning, diet, tooth arrangement and the development of a healthy mouth all in a relaxed enviroment.

Children aged 0 to 5 will be treated free of charge for routine examinations when accompanied by an adult patient of the practice and will also receive 50% discount on any further treatment. However your child will not benefit from the worldwide dental accident and emergency cover unless you wish to register your child onto their own dental care plan.

We will:

  • Design a preventative programme with your child, for their particular needs
  • Help your child understand:
  • Plaque
  • The causes of decay
  • The causes of gum disease
  • What part diet plays
  • How to brush their teeth fully and how toclean the parts they may be missing
  • Talk about your child’s diet and encourage good habits and advise where necessary
  • Talk about the things your child likes to eat and how to eat them!

What does the plan include and how much does it cost?
Children aged 6-10 years: £5.00 per month
Children aged 11-18 years: £7.00 per month

  • Two detailed examinations per year
  • X-rays
  • 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home and abroad
  • Supplementary Insurance including worldwide dental injury and emergency cover
  • 50% discount on any treatment

How do I join the plan?
Joining the plan is simple. All you need to do is complete a registration form and Direct Debit mandate in favour of DPAS, who administer the plan on our behalf. There is an initial £10.00 administration fee charged by DPAS.

How do I leave the plan?
If you find you ever wish to end the agreement you can do so simply by giving us one month’s notice. Naturally, if amounts due to us are not paid for two months in a row, we may terminate the arrangement.

What happens if I have an emergency?
If your child has an unexpected emergency whilst at home, such as an accident or toothache, then in normal circumstances the practice should be contacted on our emergency number:
(Home) 01943 871855
If your child is away from home, membership of our plan allows you to call the dental helpline who will put you in touch with a dentist who can help:
(UK) 0800 525631
If you and your child are overseas when you need help, the dental helpline will endeavour to find an English-speaking dentist to assist you. In these circumstances you should ring our helpline:
(Abroad) +441747 820841

How do I claim under the Supplementary Insurance?
If you are away from home and your child needs to see a dentist in an emergency, you should receive the temporary treatment necessary to render your child in a comfortable condition. You should pay that dentist and ask for a written receipt and details of the treatment carried out. On your return home, we will help you complete a claim form and submit this to DPAS, who administer our plan.
We will also assist in the completion of a claim form should your child need treatment for a dental injury. If the treatment is likely to cost more than £225 (and thus require prior authorisation from DPAS) we will
provide a costed treatment plan. An assessment by an independent dentist may be requested before this permanent treatment is authorised.